„After the Storm“ (2022)

Here are some Bandcamp reviews:

FDJ „Blind Mess jam a clever mix of raucous punk rock and blustering stoner metal on this release while at the same time also throwing into that mix elements of old school hard rock and heavy metal. It kicks some serious ass! Favorite track: Twilight Zone.“

Andy K. „The nasty attitude soaked vocals gives this stoner metal an extra kick in the arse. I loved their first two releases and these guys just keep getting better. Great production makes every instrument and the vocals rip right through the glorious fuzz. Favorite track: Killing My Idols.“

„The Good, The Bad & The Dead“ (2019)

Here are some Bandcamp reviews:

Ricardo Barron „Excellent sound punk/stoner rock an album to listen to all day. Favorite track: Relief.“

Hecate Peckate „Good punk rock to wake you up or cheer you on when you got fire in your blood.“

FDJ „Angsty punky and aggressive stoner rock touched by the spirit of Motorhead Favorite track: I’m In A Hole.“

Blind Mess (2017)

Here are some Bandcamp reviews:

Bernhard Henning „Firstly they’re cool, secondly they’re sounding like a harder version of QOTSA. and at the end they are from my hometown. Munich. Servus Buam! Favorite track: Your Bliss.“

paul rote „Rock and stoner roll somewhere between Motörhead and Venom .
More hard rock than metal !“

FDJ „Motorhead-style heavy rock’n’roll with a mix of stoner and punk attitude.
Full review here …. track: Your Bliss.“

Bucky „The downtuned serrated riffs throttle wide open like a dirt bike across the German desert fueled by high octane punk. The stoned out distortion creates a hot mess of deep cuts penetrating like carb cleaner on a fouled plug. Favorite track: Capricorn.“